LightShafts 2 feature trailer:

LightShafts 2 setup/new interface tutorial:

Old (depricated) LightShafts 1 tutorials:

Explanation interface and basic setup:

Saving/loading LightShaft preferences (version  2.4 or higher):

Custom cast mesh guidelines:

-The mesh should face the Z axis (the system will scale in that direction).
-The mesh its orient point should not be centered to the mesh, but placed at what would be its “top”.(see yellow circle).
-The mesh orient point should be place in world space center. (as shown in the image)
-Size should not be bigger than maximum 1 unit (meter).
-Export as FBX, do not include materials (not needed) and set the Units to METERS.

Set custom mesh (to be casted):
Drag the new mesh into the REQUIRED slot and replace the default set LightShaftPlane.

Click on the cast button to refresh the cast with the new mesh. As you can see below the system has now casted cilinders instead of planes.