“AS Water Shader” is a flow and normal map based shader that enables users to turn surfaces in to highly realistic water. The shader is highly customizable with easy to tweak features such as: water density, Foam, interpret/apply flowmaps, use detail textures to add dirt and lastly use custom wave shapes in the form of normal maps.

With the Flowmap-Canvas users can render a flowmap texture based on the mesh normals below the surface. This Canvas automatically generates the appropriate channels in the flowmap texture for the shader to use.

The benefit of AS Water Shader using flowmaps, is that users can also paint/edit their own flowmap or even render them out in third-party software. A reference texture is given to observe which channel represents which direction. This enables the user to have full control over the behavior of their water surface.

Main features:
-Compatible with Amplify Shader Editor. Users who own ASE can view and edit the node network.

-dual detail textures.

-dual normal maps for different wave sizes and blending.

-Flowmap to create smooth and realistic waterflows.

-Caustics: static or animation sheet based caustics that project themselves based on light positions, normal, depth and flow map values.
Generated procedurally based on GPU powered Voronoi noise.

-Flowmap Canvas to render flowmaps in the engine

Supported render pipelines: Built-in (yes), URP(yes) ,HDRP(currently no).